What if I can’t get hard during hookups: top reasons and solutions

Long ago, when people were more conservative, some men could not get hard with a new wife after getting used to sex. Today, we’re changing partners and hookups all the time.

But it still happens we fail during sex. Not always, it is connected with beingold-fashioned romantic who needs emotional attachment for getting laid, even if just casually.

It can also be a consequence of any daily stresses. So, the solution can be releasing this stress first, let’s say in sports or other activities, before getting intimate with a very new partner.

A man can also feel insecure and non-confident if a woman is too hot. That’s a reason for a serious inner work since one shouldn’t limit himself and block his pleasure due to the low self-esteem.

Read the casual sex blogs, dedicated to this issue, and grow as confident as you can, prior to inviting a girl to meet. Get your experienced friend’s hookup advice too, to see good examples.

Extra excitement with the help of modern technologies helps great as well. Many reported they got hard after they already started to satisfy a woman with some sex shop item.


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