Top ways to have good casual sex

Find the best tips on hook up online and in public places. Top expert advice on casual sex with milfs, young girls, and mature women. The best places for hookups and their advantages

The world is constantly shortening and simplifying all its processes, since people have such a busy lifestyle and value their freedom above all. Casual partners and hook up internationally is what we need.

More and more countries are switching to the open-mindedness and encouraging singles to get pleasure in multiple ways. To succeed in that, we need to understand the definition of no strings attached affairs.

What are the rules of casual sex?

If you found a hot single girl on the hook up app, or in the bar where people normally seek one-night-stands, be sure she expects you to follow the rules of casual sex. Here are some of them:

  • Have manners even though you both met for satisfying your ancient primitive instincts.
  • Don’t pretend to be a macho or whatever you are not. The falseness will spoil it all.
  • Make your boundaries and let a casual partner know your stop words, if there are any.
  • Always use protection, as getting wild doesn’t mean you should disrespect safety.
  • Keep it simple. It doesn’t matter which cons or issues you two have, you met to enjoy.

Compare these rules to what you do and get during the classical dating. People are often trying to impress each other falsely there, and freaking out about each other’s misbehavior. Relax: you’re casual now.

How long should sex last?

Hookuping is always about the short intercourse, not even about one-night-stands. But casual sex can be a wider definition as well. Usually, the length of sex depends on the place and time you met.

At the nightclub

Hook ups at the nightclubs divide into two main categories. In one case, you just quickly have sex in the bathroom or on the backyard, and it really takes minutes. Then you seek new affairs or go home.

In another case, folks get acquainted and go to some motel. Even then, they do not stay together until the morning. The one who is more sober, calls the taxi for two or leaves the money for a cab.

In a bar

Bars are full with bored MILFs and cougar singles. They usually invite you to their home after a couple of beers, or wait for your invitation. They do hope it will grow into smth bigger, and want you to stay.

But, it’s casual sex so no one stays for breakfast if he cares to remain free. You can perfectly sleep until the morning or make love until the morning, but then you leave and drink coffee elsewhere.

Through the best hook up app

If you met online, just discuss the details of getting laid in advance. Where, for how long, which roleplay your casual partner prefers? Most often, it’s for an hour or two though. No one stays overnight.

How do you keep sex casual?

We’re not all cynical and straightforward enough to keep it really casual. We bring some emotions into the process, and sometimes want the whole thing last. But then it loses the concept.

Remember you and your one-night-stand mate had respectable reasons to not cross the line. Maybe that sexy girl is in love with someone, and your chosen lifestyle matters a lot too.

Hook up experts list the top 5 tricks how to stay casual:

No kisses

Do the penetration more than kissing on the lips. This advice always worked with escort girls, but it’s perfect for quick sex too. Lick and bite as much as you want, but do not kiss affectionately.

No life stories

All psychologists say it’s easier to share things with a stranger than with a person you closely know. One shouldn’t apply this principle to his casual sex affairs. Telling your biography is a taboo.

No fake promises

Impressing someone is in our nature. When we are horny or already satisfied, we’re ready to promise anything. Be careful with that and say only things you really want to say, then you’ll control it.

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