The best countries for sex tourism

Find the list of most popular destinations for escorts and casual sex from travel experts. Plan your vacation in the best countries with hot girls. Pros and cons of most visited sex tours

We all want to plan our vacations thoroughly and spend them with the utmost effect. Meeting sexy women everywhere we go is an important element of our planning. So how to do things right?

Choose the country that is widely advertised for sex tourism, but also compare other tourists’ reviews and decide which way of hookuping abroad is better for you. The right choice brightens your trip!

Which country is best known for sex?

There is a long list of countries to have sex during one’s vacation. They can be divided into low-budget, almost free sex tropical paradise countries, and the medium-priced, highly civilized ones.

Free hook ups and exotic kinds of sex

Even a student or a person with a small income can get laid in the poorest countries where the prostitution rate is extremely high. It’s a perfect possibility to combine sunbathing with a lot of sex.


Chance of hooking up – 4.75 / 5

Officially one of the poorest countries, Colombia opens its arms to all admirers of Latin beauty. Women with long and silky dark hair, curvy shapes, tanned skin are waiting for the tourists in many spots.


Chance to hook up – 4.9 / 5

Kenya is visited by millions of western and European tourists, including the elites, for the sex purpose only. Such an attractiveness is explained by the age of sex employees who are mostly minors.

Dominican Republic

Chance to hook up – 4.1 / 5

Dominicana is a paradise with Instagrammable nature spots and cheap hook up girls. They would literally satisfy you to the fullest for a hotdog. Just keep safe on the streets among the poor locals.


Chance to hook up – 4.7 / 5

Incredible ancient architecture, beaches and other stunning sceneries are certainly the top reasons to visit Cambodia. But minor escorts and highly available girls keep the leadership among other motives.

The Philippines

Chance to hook up – 4.8 / 5

The country of cheap mail order brides, it’s also the main source of hook up material, including teen girls as young as 12. It’s not the lowest priced place anymore, but the bar girls are fairly inexpensive.

Medium and low-priced escorts

Some top touristic countries provide surprisingly affordable sex services. Along with other pleasant bonuses such as the good quality of all other services and non-pricey living cost.


Chance to hook up – 4 / 5

This beautiful country is favorited by photographers, freelancers and all kinds of travelers. But most of all, it is famous for minor and teen sex tourism. Hot girls can be unofficially ordered via the Internet.


Chance to hook up – 4.5 / 5

Brazil isn’t in the list of the poorest countries anymore, and escort girls there are middle-priced. But many tourists are ready to pay for sexy women’s curvy shapes and impressive skills in a bed.


Chance to hook up – 5 / 5

Thai is way too popular for remaining cheap, but the majority of young prostitutes are still affordable. Lots of masseurs are ready to provide unformal services as well, under the cover of massage.


Chance to hook up – 4.7 / 5

Mind-blowing Amsterdam isn’t only famous for legal light drugs, but also for legal escorts. The red-light district is a must-see for tourists, even just curious ones. It’s always possible to get the best price.

Can I get laid in India?

Experienced sex tourists recommend trying out all underdeveloped countries since they offer good sex for free or for small coins. Although considered conservative, India is among such places too.

For the one who is cautious and has a certain budget, it is suggested to visit Mumbai as the largest center of sex trade in the world. While Goa offers the more refined service and girls of a higher quality.

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