How to make sure your sex partner wants you?

Learn how to seduce your girlfriend and have the first time sex with her again. Top tricks to make your woman want you. Best ways to hook up your wife or a long-term lover

Top 10 signs you turn on your girlfriend

We all need some assurance daily, even if we’re often told we are loved and desired. It happens that words are lies, while the body language and our intuition tell us how things are going in real.

The eye signs

It is proven, when a person is physically excited, their pupils are blown, and they set their piercing glance on the object of passion. If a girl sets a direct and close eye contact with you, she wants you.

The lips and tongue

When someone is horny, they often lick their lips, keep them half open between speaking, and show the tip of their tongue playfully. A girl’s lips easily dry out since she’s burning of desire.

The breath signs

We start to breath deeper when we’re getting prepared for the intercourse. It’s an instinct, and you can rely on it. If your girl suddenly breathes more intensely and frequently, she goes crazy about you.

The panties area

It’s easy to notice when a man is excited, he is aroused in his pants area. The same with the girls, they get very wet when they desire us. It is unseen, but we can check that if we got intimate enough.

The speech signs

Even if a girl is very smart and humorous, she is losing her words when she wants to have sex. Her sentences become messy, there’s no logic in her sayings, and her voice slightly weakens.


How to make your partner want you more

Relationship therapists think we stop wanting our partners due to the daily routine and lack of ideas in a bed. Both obstacles are easy to overcome if you follow the top advice from hook up experts.

Sexy looks

Use the cologne and hair gel like if you were going out to pick up new girls. This alluring ritual will excite you, and you’ll be able to direct this refreshed sexual energy at your all-time partner.

Naughty clothes

The right outfit can do miracles. Buy the tight jeans to focus her attention on your butt and the front equipment. Don’t be afraid to look a bit gayish, women like it too! Try her lingerie on as well.

Playful shoes

Who said only women can seduce with the help of shoes? Your girl certainly watched the movies for adults where men leave their sneakers on while having sex. Why not to try it right now!

No underwear

Think twice, maybe you don’t need it at all since you decided to seduce your wife or girlfriend. Women are always surprised and spontaneously excited when they see you have nothing under your jeans.

The voice sexy tricks

We change our voice a lot when in a stable relationship. We stop trying to make it sound sexy. It rather sounds robotic and grouchy since we simply list what to buy in the supermarket or what to repair.

Get rid of this habit. Start whispering into your girl’s ear like before, don’t forget to bite it lightly. When she’s upset with something, talk with your sexiest voice and touch her skin more.

Wet sex lifehacks

Not only plants need constant moisture for growing well. Use the wetness trick often, get obsessed with it and you’ll see how it works. The looks and sensation of moisture affects the subconscious.

Wet her lips with yogurt during the breakfast, wet her body with foam when she’s in the shower, use the olive oil in between her legs when she’s cooking something. Your sex will become much wilder!

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