Best tips to hook up in Eastern Europe

The ultimate guide to have sex in Russia, Ukraine, and all Slavic countries. Learn how to attract an Eastern European girl and hook up a hot woman in post-Soviet countries as a sex tourist

If you’re a highly aesthetic person who wants to hook up the most beautiful women only, do not limit yourself with sex tourism in Russia. Broaden your horizons and try hot girls in all Eastern Europe.

What country is the easiest to get laid in?

When we reach the long-expected moment of vacation, we need things to be organized quickly, since our battery is really low. Choose only the countries where your casual sex is nearly guaranteed.


Day game success: 85%

Night game success: 98%

Sexy Hungarian girls are a great bonus to cheap SPAs and thermals in Hungary. You can combine all pleasures at once and attend those healthy places along with ordering cheap escorts.


Day game success: 75%

Night game success: 91%

Romania isn’t a wealthy country and hot girls are typically happy with any little present. The nightclubs are filled with stunning go-go dancers from all over Eastern Europe, they do provide extra services.


Day game success: 93%

Night game success: 99%

Never miss the opportunity to hook up in Moldova. The local girls are simply gorgeous, slim and sportive. Getting laid with them is as easy as ordering a glass of famous Moldovan wine.

Hot spots for sex tourism in Ukraine

Ukraine is much more popular for hook ups than Russia. The country is smaller, warmer, cheaper, there are lots of beaches and cozy inexpensive nightclubs with awesome model-looking girls.


Girls looks: 5 / 5

Odessa is a number one sex tourism place in Ukraine. Women are beautiful and exotic-looking, beaches and restaurants are the best in all Ukraine, and the guarantee of getting laid is one hundred percent.


Girls looks: 4.5 / 5

Like in any capital city, Kiev girls are open-minded and ready for best hook ups. One can find both escort girls and genuine women in Kyiv city for having fun and wild one-night-stands.


Girls looks: 4.7 / 5

Berdyansk girls have an easy-going mentality of resort inhabitants, as they spend their life on the sea coast. Sporty, suntanned and cheerful, they gladly welcome a foreigner. Berdyansk is next to Zaporozhye.

How to pick up Eastern European girls?

Sexy women who live in this wide area, have things in common. They know their worth that’s why they prefer foreign men, yet they manage to be down-to-earth even with their striking beauty.

Add some courtesy

Talk to them politely with the simplest sentences, smile sincerely, be a good listener when they share their story, and you’ll easily get laid for free. Eastern European women like making friends with a man.

Present old-fashioned items

They do not require expensive gifts like western girls, and are indifferent about the furs or jewelry. At the same time, they cannot be impressed with cheap trinkets like Asian women are.

If your way to pick up a girl is presenting gifts, be sure to have the bottle of good perfume with you, and at least three red roses if not the bunch of them. Then even the highest quality girl will be yours.

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